Blue Flower

Just a collection of geeky stuff Dad can never remember, so he is keeping a bunch of web links here....


Electronic Geekery .....

AWS EC2 Connection Guide - Since Dad can never remember the details quite right when setting up putty on a new machine.

Cubie Board Getting Started - A nice little guide about getting started programming with CubieBoard

Instructable for Arduino/GRBL CNC - A decent page on a DIY CNC router using Arduino and GRBL

DIY Hexapod Instructable - Just what it says, and instructable on a DIY hexapod 

DIY Arduino Copter - MyDroneLabs instructions for DIY quadcopter

Resistor Park - neat little web site with assorted Arduino goodies!

Python Web Game Bot - Instructions on how to write a Python web game playing bot

What Robots and AI Learned in 2015 - Not as scary as it sounds, but really, really interseting.


Woodworking Geekery ....

DIY Crosscut Sled - though they cheat by using only one miter slot guide.

Another Crosscut Sled - fancier than the one above, and little more work to make it too!

Break Down Saw Table - maybe I can make one of these to use in the garage with the table saw?

Pair of Circular Saw Cutting Guides - a great pair of straight cut and square cut guides for a circular saw.


Straight Up Computer Geekery ....

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